Friday, 2 November 2007

Blessed Matt Talbot

WSNS asked if I had any good information on Matt Talbot for someone in AA. I have a very old (20p) CTS pamphlet "The Story of Venerable Matt Talbot" and an excellent book published by Veritas called "Remembering Matt Talbot" by Mary Purcell.

Blessed Matt Talbot is a great helper and I know he brings much support to relatives of alcoholics who pray to him, I can testify to this personally. I just wonder whether some recovering alcoholics don't get a little jealous of his success or perturbed by his mortifications. Alcoholics don't often relate well to each others' addictions "yes, but his problem isn't like mine", or "he can't really have had a drink problem if he was able to stop like that".

I'd personally suggest that you go "straight to the top" with this lady and tell her to place her whole life, not just her problems in the loving, open arms of the Sacred Heart. There is nothing more loving and Catholic than that!

Maxim of St Bonaventure from St Anthony's Treasury

I will take my rest in the Sacred Heart of my Saviour. I will there watch, read, play, eat, drink, and treat all my affairs. I will there speak to His Heart, and shall obtain from Him whatever I please.

WSNS: Reply in the combox with your details (I won't publish them) and I'll post you the CST pamphlet for a borrow, if you want.


Anonymous said...

i have relatives in AA & most of us pray to Matt Talbot, particularly him being a Dublin man & all that..i have a link on my blog....

John R. Blair said...

Please note that Matt Talbot's stage towards canonization is "Venerable,"
not "Blessed."

Please note a new website: