Saturday, 27 October 2007

Long haul flights

Afghanistan from the air

Flying is so unnatural. You are stuck in an isolated bubble a mile over the ground with a group of people that you'd probably rather not spend your last moments on this earth with. You are squashed together in an unnaturally small, smelly space (bring on the A380) being waited on by impossibly nice people with impossibly neat hair. You fly over some of the worlds most troubled places whilst the guy (mature adult aged about 60)sitting infront of you is engrossed in the film "Transformers", something he just wouldn't be bothered with at normal altitudes.

I wonder what the people below make of the planes that fly overhead. I wonder if we are some alien "other" to them, do we represent incomprehensible luxury, unimagined freedom or evil decadence?

Afghanistan is awesome from the air, Burma made me weep. Praying the rosary is the only real thing to do.


Anonymous said...

That looks amazing..

AutumnRose said...

Thank you for this not often thought of perspective...great to see you back!

AR xx

Andrew said...

I see that you're back. Hope everything went well in Penang?

Too bad I did not manage to catch you.

Rita said...

Well I survived driving in Penang, and my stomach was certainly very happy to be there...Penang Laksa, chendol, custard apples, fish curry....Yum :P
What's up with the weather, I very nearly felt cold!?