Tuesday, 2 October 2007

Guardian Angels

I have a friend who some years back reached rock bottom due to addiction to heroin. Lying on the floor, unable to laugh or cry, totally sick of his actions and life, a figure appeared to him in the corner of his bed sit. A young man, tall, graceful and beautiful and wearing a First World War uniform. My friend cannot describe the look on the figure's face other than to say it filled his veins with a warmth that the heroin had hidden from him for some years.......He's clean now, and has got his life back together.

Prayer to Our Holy Guardian Angel from St Anthony's Treasury
O Holy Angel, to whom the mercy of Our Father in Heaven has confided me here on earth, may I never forget the gratitude I owe thee for thy unfailing goodness, the confidence inspired by thy generous protection, the respect due to thy holy presence! O constant witness of my daily actions, may I never sadden thy sight! Angel of peace may I never cause thee to weep bitter tears over me! O my celestial guide, I wish to invoke thee at all times! In affliction thou wilt dry my tears; in danger thou wilt bear me on thy wings; in temptation thou wilt preserve my innocence; in my falls thou wilt inspire me with repentance; finally at my last hour, thou wilt console me in my sorrows and introduce me to the eternal tabernacles.

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WhiteStoneNameSeeker said...

All my children have a named their guardian angel to help them have a 'relationship' if you know what I mean. They are such an important and yet too often forgotten part of our lives.
God bless - and I am so glad for your friend!