Wednesday, 31 October 2007

Favourite Saints

La Mamma asked about my favourite saints, I'm struggling to say in case I leave any out. I have to admit, I have composed a litany of saints for my personal use and I have also collected enough images on my computer to do a "slide show" as an aid to prayer.

You're right, St Rita is a favourite...but there are many more and I've included some blesseds here too. Some have become part of my devotional life after a chance meeting on the internet, others by recommendation, others purely by the immensity of their witness. I'm just wondering how much you can tell about a person from their list of favourite saints, does it say a lot about the things in their life that require the assistance of the Church Triumphant?

St Joseph
St Monica
St Augustine
St Vitalis of Gaza
St Anthony of Padua
St John of God
St John of the Cross
St Theresa of Avila
St Clare
St Colette
Blessed Juliana of Mt Cornillon
St Benedetta Cambiagio Frassinello
St Ursula Ledochowska
St Gemma
St Nicholas Owen
St Edmund Arrowsmith
St Ann Line
St Ignatius of Loyola
St Francis Xavier
St Bernadette
St Eugene de Mazenod
St Thomas More
St Faustina
Blessed Margaret Sinclair
Blessed Matt Talbot

BTW: I still can't find my missal (I'm quite gutted over this) and my job is still totally grotty, but my team (see above) are working on this and I know my prayers will be answered!


WhiteStoneNameSeeker said...

Bl Matt Talbott-I want to put something together about him for my SIL who is in AA; Do you know of any little books on him that would be suitable for a non-Catholic just coming to terms with the idea she needs God?

Hope you find your missel soon Rita-have you had a word with St Anthony?

AutumnRose said...

I snagged your idea ~ it's a good one!

:¬) AR xx

la mamma said...

Thank you, Rita. I now recommemnd that you ask your friends - it's a fascinating exercise. I would have thought that 'people who are like you like the saints you like' but actually I've found a fair bit of variation. I've been reading up on other people's favourites and thus enlarging my list even further. I'm going to follow up a few of those on your list. St Vitalis of Gaza, for example and Blessed Juliana of Mt Cornillon... Found your missal yet?

AutumnRose said...

I wonder what our choice says about us? I share none of your list with you Rita, yet still feel I relate to what you write :¬)

AutumnRose said...

D'oh! We have St Rita in common ~ how did I miss that? ;¬)

Have a blessed day today xx

Rita said...

Thank you for your comments, ladies.

St Vitalis was a saint I stumbled across when I worked for an establishment that liked a morning reflection (well he was the saint for the day so that's what they got a reflection on) and I just found the story of his life inspiring. A hermit who felt called to work with the prostitutes of Alexandria. He worked all day as a labourer and would spend the nights with the prostitutes, paying them for their loss of earnings. Amazingly he had the full backing of his bishop! He was murdered, probably by a pimp, for being too successful at getting the women off the streets.

Bl. Juliana is the woman who had the visions that led to the instigation of the feast of Corpus Christi. I am particularly fond of her, not just because of a profound devotion of the Eucharist, but also because she had to put up with being falsely accused and misunderstood. This is a common theme with my "team", see also St Bernadette, St Gemma, St John of the Cross. It is the lonliness of heart that accompanies this sort of earthly trial which particularly attracts me to these saints.