Friday, 12 October 2007

Eid Al Fitr

I must say I welcome the letter addressed to various Christian leaders from assorted Muslim scholars and clerics.

Muslim's worship one God, we worship one God. This is not the same as saying we worship the same God nor is this saying we worship a different god. I bring to mind the words from Nostra Aetate: The Church also has a high regard for the Muslims, who worship one God, living and subsistent, merciful and omnipotent, the Creator of heaven and earth.

Out of the muddle of Babel, there seems to be only one appropriate greeting to my Muslim friends tonight, Namaste! ["that which is holy in me salutes that which is holy in you"... and yes I know it is a Hindu greeting, but that is the point] and may we be united in prayers for peace and reciprocated love and understanding.

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Irim said...

'Namaste' is a Hindu greeting; for Muslims, the appropriate greeting would be 'Assalam-o-alaikum' or 'Peace be with you', akin to the Hebrew 'shalom'.