Wednesday, 5 September 2007

Work is dangerous

Returning to work after a holiday; I’ve been staggered just how much going about my daily business gives occasion to sin. It is so easy to get into a quiet routine at home amongst your nearest and dearest, the world out there is so much more scary. Do any of these ring a bell with you?

§ Being drawn into gossip.

§ Embellishing a tale to make it more amusing.

§ Hearing casually dropped swear words and doing nothing about it.

§ Hearing casually dropped blasphemous words and not “tackling” the person who said them.

§ Hearing others tell tales about a third party you know to be embellished, but you say nothing.

§ Getting impatient with someone who may not be as efficient as you are.

§ Believing you have the only correct way to do something.

§ Deliberately avoiding people you don’t particularly like.

§ Thinking half the drivers on the roads are bigger numbskulls than yourself.

§ Believing you are indispensable.

It is very humbling just knowing how far removed you are from where you desire to be…...


O Lord Jesus Christ, Only-begotten Son of your eternal Father: You have said with your holy lips: "Without Me, you can do nothing." My Lord, I embrace your words with my heart and soul, and bow before your goodness and say: Help me, your unworthy servant, to complete this, my present undertaking, in the name of the Father and of the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Amen.


O Most sweet Jesus, You are the fulfillment of all blessings. Fill my soul with joy and gladness and save me. Grant that your Name be glorified: for not to us, but to your Name are forever due honor, glory, and adoration. Amen

Prayers from The Sacred Heart

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Philip Andrews said...

Absolutely - real food for thought!